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Barbara K
Undercover - Songs from Timbuk3

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"Knowing these songs fairly well, coming from Barbara’s former band Timbuk3, I pretended I was hearing them for the first time.  They worked, radically, on their own. Barbara’s dry clarity, in narratives from the intimate to the political, stands among the strongest American voices accompanied by this minimal a means, a single guitar, since Bruce Springsteen’s "Nebraska”. This music, played back to a Timbuk3 audience, will hold up far past authentically.  For those few who wonder where the next “Nebraska” may show up - Barbara K’s got it right here.

J.W. Mahoney

Cover photo by Ralf Merian



Undercover - Songs From Timbuk3

by Barbara K

I remember heading into the studio in Austin on the 4th of July in 2005. Having just returned from Germany where news of the US military torturing people around the globe was being broadcast daily in the international airwaves, I was feeling a little less than patriotic I sat down behind the microphone and picked up my guitar.