Crossing The Red Line
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Barbara K
Crossing The Red Line

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“Great artists - and great musicians - are watchers upon their cultures.  They see the larger patterns, and they weave their own beauties into them, as dark as their works may sometimes seem.  What's apparent, though, in Barbara's music is both a radical urgency, and an address to the vastness of our unfolding world's story, and a wild poetry that merges the two.”   

-  J. W. Mahoney

A compilation featuring recordings from Barbara K's post Timbuk3 Artist Digital Albums:  Ready (2000), Ghosts and Sparrows (2005), and Behind The Blue (2014).

Cover photo by Ralf Merian


Crossing The Red Line

by Barbara K

We wanted to make an historical perspective of the music I've created in my life after Timbuk3, a compilation from albums have been recorded yet virtually unreleased until now. Starting in 1999 and continuing through 2014, the music has been lovingly remastered by Jerry Tubb at Tera Nova in Austin, Texas.