Ghosts and Sparrows
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Barbara K
Ghosts and Sparrows

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One of the finest elements of Tibetan Buddhism is its existential usefulness. Slogans like "If you can practice while distracted, you are well-trained,” and “Drive all blames into oneself” are both questions and answers at once.

“Barbara K’s latest work - which speaks directly from this particular philosophy - is a collective, this band has a long, deep voice. This group of musicians fully embodies much of the unsparing social and emotional vision of Timbuk3, of which Barbara was half, and something darker and farther, spiritually. 

”This is stern, intelligent, sensuous, melancholic, and compassionate music, not attractive pop stuff at all. It’s too confrontational, and also more objectively beautiful. Get this music. It’s really useful.“ 
~ J.W. Mahoney

Cover photo by Bill Giebitz



Ghosts and Sparrows

by Barbara K