Walking these Woods


I've been walking these woods for the last nine months.  Long Mountain down to the Valley of the Butterflies, then back up Coal Mountain to the village where you can find me.

I've visited with red tail hawks and great blue herons, brown deer and red foxes, wild hares and even a caught a glimpse of a shy weasel, dragonflies and butterflies, songbirds and snails, clouds and rain and soon comes snow.

It's always the same trail, but it's never the same tale as everyday brings changes from the wind in the trees, leaves emerging and leaves falling, wild cherries in the Spring, beechnuts and hazelnuts and walnuts in the Fall, the farmers and the shepherds, the cows and the sheep, the grasses and wildflowers, meadows, woods and creeks, the earth and sky, all this living breathing conscious nature opening windows to the mystery of life.