Paper Moon Shiners

The Paper Moon Shiners from Austin, Texas, are on tour in Northern Germany for the month of April. We welcome Elena and Frank for an extended weekend retreat in the 'German Hill Country'.  We'll be hosting them here on the farm in all of it's Springtime glory, baby cows and lambs, budding and flowering trees, hidden springs gushing forth from the hillsides filling creeks with water and the air with song, birds nesting and moon waxing. 

On Saturday, we'll celebrate the project Wolf and I have been researching through the Winter months:  village retreats for performing songwriters. Our friend Lisa H. has graciously invited to host our musical guests for a private party that will feature a bit of live music.  

Contact us for more information.

Paper Moon Shiners at the Elephant Room in Austin, Texas
Video by Ric Sternberg